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Nowadays more and more people keep learning new skills to adapt to a fast-changing world you can make comments use examples,or use your personal experiences to develop your essay.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that we are living in a constantly changing world.What seemed absolutely right yesterday may prove wrong today.Therefore, it is essential for everyone to keep learning new skills, so they can keep up with the pace of modern world.
This mentality counts in almost every stage of our life First when a student keeps learning new skill she/she always asks for more and desires to explore the unknown world.Therefore there is an excellent chance that he/she stands out in peer groups. Second,in the workplace, office workers with such attitude generally finish his/her tasks in a higher quality,and they are more likely to climb up the ladder more quickly than their colleagues who content themselves with the skills they already have Besides, in our daily life people who keep learning new skills are more positive, and everyone around them must be fond of making friends with them.
In all, we must keep learning new skills so as to adapt to the fast-changing world. On the one hand we should make friends more with people who have such attitude, and let their positive energy influence us. On the other we should bear in mind that what remains unchanged is change itself, so we should never stop learning new skills.
To write an essay that begins with the sentence' "nowadays more and more people choose to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle."
Nowadays more and more people choose to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. They tend to produce less rubbish in their daily life and try to recycle anything that can be reused.Some even, become enthusiasts and encourage more people around them to change their lifestyles into the more environmentally friendly ones.
Simon, one of my best friends, is a typical youngster who lives an environmentally friendly lifestyle. He tries not to buy products during the manufacture of which much pollution may be caused. After using up the goods he bought, he would always reuse the packages of the goods for other purposes. He also tries to reduce the pollution from human-made machines. No matter in very hot summer or in freezing cold winter, he never uses air conditioners. He believes that it does us good to stay in a natural environment and reducing the use of air conditioners can save more electricity as well。
As people'S awareness of protecting and guarding the earth becomes stronger, an increasing number of people from different fields will join to live sustainably and eventually make the world a more worthy place to live.
more and more people take the delight to helping the needy
Currently in our society, it is quite prevalent for citizens to give a hand to those who are in need of help.Apart from this trend what encourages people is that people in growing numbers find it delighted to help the needy.The reasons from my perspective, can be listed as follows.
The first motivation behind this trend lies in the growing ability of average people to help others. Unlike those in the early 21st century, people in current society are equipped with knowledge,skills,and even economic strength to provide more assistance to help the needy.What is more, this trend is largely associated with the sense of satisfaction of the public.When offering help on time those who lend a hand realize their own value and thus part of the meaning of their life which further strengthens similar behaviors in their daily life.The last factor is about positive energy in the mass media. In China a country with traditional virtues of helping the disadvantaged matters of the help among common people are great ingredients for the publicity of both tradition virtues and modern values.
For me, it is much delighted to see that the public are more likely to lend a hand to others voluntarily.With people's growing ability, the sense of satisfaction and the spread of good deeds in the mass media, this trend will inevitably become a norm in our society.

The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is the first rail-road bridge across the Yantze River which was designed by China and constructed with China-made materials.The upper deck is a 4,589 metre-long four-lane road bridge and the lower deck a 6,772 metre long double-rail one which joins the original Tianjin-Pukou and Shanghai-Nanjing railway lines shortening the traveling time across the river from 1.5 hours to 2 minutes. The bridge is notonly a significant north-south traffic hub but also a famous scenic spot in Nanjing.The bridge marks a huge progress in China's bridge construction, greatly facilitating the exchanges of both goods and people on both sides of the Yangtze River and playing a major role in the development of economy and the improvement of people's living condition.
Built in 1192 and rebuilt in 1698,the Lugou Bridge which is located 15 kilometres south west of the Tian'anmen Square across the Yongding River,is the most ancient bridge with multiple arches in Beijing. The bridge is sustained by 281 pillars each of which has a stone lion on the end and more stone lions hiding on its head,back,abdomen or claws. These stone lions are so lifelike with various postures that they are well accepted as fine works of art in stone carving. As there are too many stone lions on the bridge, a saying in Beijing goes,"The lions on the Lugou Bridge are beyond people's count."The bridge is not only well-known for its aesthetic features but also well recog nized as a monument in the architectural history of stone bridges.
The Zhaozhou Bridge, which was built in the Sui Dynasty around 605 AD,is 50.82 metres long and 9.6 metres wide with a span of 37.37 metres. Li Chun, a genius architect, designed and supervised its construction. The bridge boasts a novel structure and a graceful appearance, with a major p( arch in the middle and two minor ones on its ends which help discharge floods, reduce the weight of the bridge and save stones. Since the completion, the bridge has withstood floods and earthquakes, but remains intact in its main structure and still available in use. The Zhaozhou Bridge is a pioneering undertaking in the world history of bridge construcyiption and a masterpiece of the Chinese ancient civilization PC for the simple reason that its similar bridge did not appear in Europe until the 14th century, 700 years later than the Zhaozhou Bridge.
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